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What does Hologram effect of image have?
Dot-Matrix Hologram
2D Hologram
3D Hologram
2D/3D Hologram
True Color Hologram
Light Effected Hologram
Kenetic Movement Hologram
Text hidden hologram
Multi channel Hologram
Micro text Hologram
Combination Hologram
Transparent Hologram
Pearl effect Hologram
White effect Hologram
Stereo Hologram


What does Hologram security materials have?
Hologram Void if removed Security
Hologram Removable Security
Hologram Honey comb Security
Hologram Void type Security
Hologram Transparent label Security
Hologram Metalized Hot stamp and Transfer Security
Hologram Scratch Security
Hologram Serials No. printing Security
Hologram Color Security
Hologram Specials shape Security
Hologram Sticker Rolls Security
Hologram PVC card security
Hologram UV color change security
Hologram washing security
Hologram Transparent hot stamp and transfer security
Hologram Material customer logo security (Temper evedent)
Hologram Cloth label security
Hologram Pouch security
Hologram Transparent laminate film
Hologram Alu foil security
PET Metalized and color materials for printing
What does Printing and service also that we have?
Hologram Lenticular printing
Hologram Packaging and label printing

Text hidden hologram

:: Technical Holography Detail ::

Hologram Sticker Rolls Security

Mole hidden text or image security feature

Mole hologram hidden text(image) is advanced digital technology by encrypt a digital codes to encoding each dot of the images. Mole hidden text or image contains unique encrypted images or text, invisible to the naked eye. Mole hidden text just can be detectable by means of decode film when you cover it onto holographic sticker. The hidden text or image will appear when you put decode film onto it. Please click here to see sample.

E-beam hidden text or image security feature

E-beam hidden text (image) is another advanced holography technology which make hidden image(text) directly in hologram master too. Hidden image(text) is invisible to naked eye without encryption reader(laser pointer). It's just can be seen with help of laser pointer. The hidden text (image) will be reflected out of the sticker when you light a laser pointer point to it.

There're two kinds of hidden text or images available for holographic stickers. This two kinds of hidden features improve the hologram stickers security feature very much agaist counterfeit. One is laser readable hidden text(image). It's called E-beam hidden text too.The hidden text of image justcan be seen with help oflaser pen(laser reader). Another one is mole hidden text which use decode film to see the hidden text.

There is hidden text inside image. It's invisible to naked eyes.


Hidden text can be seen with laser beam. The hidden letter is 'JIH'. The nickel shim in hand is small hologram master. Hidden text or image feature hologram is invisible to naked eyes in sunshine or normal lighting conditions. Hidden text or image just can be seen with sepecial laser pointer (or called laser reader).

Mole hidden text/image or Raster effect, is a hidden effect which also called Moore Effect or Morie Effect. This photo is hologram sicker without decode film to cover it on.


We can see hidden text come our after we cover mole decode film onto the sticker. The hidden text is 'SECURE'

We can see hidden text come our after we cover mole decode film onto the sticker. The hidden text is 'SECURE'

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