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About Us  
Welcome to Panomedia group :

Among numerous anti-copy techniques, the holographic anti-fake technique is most widely used and is the most popular with users. It has become the key technique of anti-copy and can be found everywhere, such as the identity cards, the paper money, the driving licenses, the cigarettes, the wine, the medicine, the cosmetics, the pack food and the computer's hardware and software etc.It is already the necessities of life.

The advantages of the holographic security products are as following:

1. exquisite images;
2. easy to identify;
3. excellent anti-fake effects;
4. low price.

Any technique of anti-fake has its timeliness. When it is mastered by most of the manufacturers, the poor quality and fake products will appear, the anti-fake effects will be discounted, and then a new anti-fake technique is needed. The Panomedia Hologram Manufacturing Company has the ability to develop the new techniques continuously. The experts with doctor's or master's degrees in it have competent knowledge to develop updated products that the forgers can hardly copy.

Company Introduction

Our  Company is a hi-tech enterprise that specialize in producing serial holographic security products. It has the advanced production line and can produce all kinds of holographic products on its own.

A Holographic Research Institute led by the famous holographic experts is attached to the Company .The Institute has developed a series of complicated plate-making techniques such as the Holographic encryption, the Morie encryption, the floating patterns, the micro-characters encryption, the computer-controled carving, the low frequency carving, the 3D stereo pattern, the computer-combined holography, the interference stripe, the rotary rings, the spreading beams, the bi-channels, the multi-layers and the dot- matrix holography etc. The advanced technology and the exquisite designs make our products have the comprehensive effects of anti-fake, nice decoration and additional increment of products.

The staff of the Company will devote their knowledge to the society, develop their Company with wisdom, safeguard the excellent products of their users, and make contributions to the anti-fake field.

We are looking forward to your inquiries!



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