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Our Holographic Products
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Hologram History
Hologram Artwork
Hologram Master
Hologram Application
What does Hologram we have?
Dot-Matrix Hologram
2D Hologram
3D Hologram
2D/3D Hologram
True Color Hologram
Light Effected Hologram
Kenetic Movement Hologram
Hidden Text hologram
Multi channel Hologram
Micro text Hologram
Combination Hologram
Transparent Hologram
Stereo Hologram


What does Materials we have?
Void if removed Material
Removable Material
Honey comb Material
VOID type Material
Transparent Material
Transfer & Hot stamping Foil
Hologram Scracth Material
Hologram any Color Material
Multi layers Material
UV color check Material
Customer logo Material
Logo Sealing Tape Material
Hologram PVC card Material
What does Hologram Recombined Printing have?
QR Code Hologram Printing
Bar Code Hologram Printing
GPS Code Hologram Printing
Hologram label Printing
Hologram Color shift Printing
Hologram Multi Layers Printing
Hologram Serials no.Printing
Hologram Transfer Printing
Sealing Tape security Printing
UV Color change Printing


Dot-Matrix Hologram
Dot-Matrix Hologram allows implementing unlimited computer controlled and laser beam engraved dots in holograms. This holograms are the result of ... ( more... )
2D Hologram
2D holography master origination just has one layer hologram image,. It doesn't have any other layers other than on surface. 2D hologram has several color... ( more... )
3D Hologram
3D hologram is one of hologram techniqe which femose in the world . It looks 3 dimesion that meaning we can see and feel the image have width size... ( more... )
2D/3D Hologram
2D/3D holography master origination just has one layer hologram image,. It doesn't have any other layers other than on surface. 2D hologram has... ( more... )
True Color Hologram
True Color image is made by 2D/3D master shooting system. True Color Hologram is made up of photographic quality art-work, especially, of high resolution...( more... )
Light Effected Hologram
When we watched in an hologram label or security , may be we don't know it have Light color effacted hologram mixed together. Yes the hologram will be look... ( more... )
Kenetic Movement Hologram
2D/3D Kinetic movement hologram image composed by at least 3 viewing angle(color) lines(images) in some certain sequence. Every line(image)... ( more... )
Text Hidden Hologram
Mole hologram hidden text(image) is advanced digital technology by encrypt a digital codes to encoding each dot of the images. Mole hidden text or image... ( more... )
Multi Channel Hologram
Flip-flop effect is made by 2D/3D master shooting system. It's also called two channel effect of 2D/3D. Flip-Flop hologram can display two images from... ( more... )
Micro Text Hologram
Micro text can be printed as repeated text wallpaper or simple letter in any particular place of hologram sticker. It's invisible to naked eye. To reveal it ... ( more... )
Combination Hologram
Combining 2D/3D and dot-matrix methods into a hybrid hologram can be very effective in combining the broader viewing angle of movement effect ... ( more... )
Stereo Hologram
Stereo Hologram is the high technology of hologram. We make it from the real model that mean we should have The real model in order to keep any viewing...( more... )
Transparent Hologram
We have tamper-proof and non tamper proof transparent hologram sticker. The tamper-proof transparent holgram sticker can prevent photocopying and. ( more... )


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