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What does Hologram we have?
Dot-Matrix Hologram
2D Hologram
3D Hologram
2D/3D Hologram
True Color Hologram
Light Effected Hologram
Kenetic Movement Hologram
Hidden Text hologram
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What does Materials we have?
Void if removed Material
Removable Material
VOID & Honey comb Material
"Genuine","Void"type Material
Transparent Void if removed Material
Transfer & Hot stamping Foil
Hologram Scracth Material
Hologram any Color Material
Multi layers Material
UV color check Material
Customer logo Material
Logo Sealing Tape Material
Hologram PVC card Material
What does Hologram Recombined Printing have?
QR Code Hologram Printing
Bar Code Hologram Printing
GPS Code Hologram Printing
Hologram label Printing
Hologram Color shift Printing
Hologram Multi Layers Printing
Hologram Serials no.Printing
Hologram Transfer Printing
Sealing Tape security Printing
UV Color change Printing



Hologram Barcode Printing


The Barcode printing labels that sometime so important for company tag or business label. Any customer shall be make a new hologram labels with Barcode printing and others important feature on business tag and labels in order to looks more professinal , at the same time it can be security control labels by hologram techniqued. If you looking for anything security products with pritning and scan checks that also this type hologram be able to fit your required.

This 2D hologram background rainbow color with black color Barcode priinted.

This Hologram 2D/3D with white effected hologram technique and black color Barcode and running no.

white paper sticker Barcode , QR code printing for label which we have Hologram security transfer foil.

Same as above label printing but this one use Golden color hot stamping foil security transfer on it.

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