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What does Hologram effect of image have?
Dot-Matrix Hologram
2D Hologram
3D Hologram
2D/3D Hologram
True Color Hologram
Light Effected Hologram
Kenetic Movement Hologram
Text hidden hologram
Multi channel Hologram
Micro text Hologram
Combination Hologram
Transparent Hologram
Pearl effect Hologram
White effect Hologram
Stereo Hologram


What does Hologram security materials have?
Hologram Void if removed Security
Hologram Removable Security
Hologram Honey comb Security
Hologram Void type Security
Hologram Transparent label Securit
Hologram Metalized Hot stamp and Transfer Security
Hologram Scratch Security
Hologram Serials No. printing Security
Hologram Color Security
Hologram Specials shape Security
Hologram Sticker Rolls Security
Hologram PVC card security
Hologram UV color change security
Hologram washing security
Hologram Transparent hot stamp and transfer security
Hologram Material customer logo security (Temper evedent)
Hologram Cloth label security
Hologram Pouch security
Hologram Transparent laminate film
Hologram Alu foil security
PET Metalized and color materials for printing
What does Printing and service also that we have?
Hologram Lenticular printing
Hologram Packaging and label printing

Dot-Matrix Hologram or Digital Effacted

:: Technical Holography Detail ::

Dot-Matrix Hologram allows implementing unlimited computer controlled and laser beam engraved dots in holograms. This holograms are the result of designs comprising many tiny dots, where each dot is a separate diffraction grating. They create a beautiful impact of variable images. Dot-matrix Hologram sticker can have lots moving, flipping, zooming effect,etc

It's dot-matrix and 2D/3D recombination hologram, two layers, two color in foreground. You can see shining movement ray on the sticker which is dot-matrix hologram effect. It's pearlescent effect: voluntariness polygon movement of ray, random kinetic movemnt ray, combination of kinetic movemnt ray

This is dot-matrix hologram with two channel(flip-flop). The sticker is tamper evident type, silver color. You'll find an image of words "DJJS" in one viewing angle and then if you turn the sticker into another viewing angle a little bit, you will find the words has changed into word "DMJK" with switch effect .

This sticker is Dot-matrix hologram sticker with two hidden text, one is laser hidden text and another is Morie hidden text.

This one is 2D/3D hologram combine with dot-matrix hologram effect with true color. The shining movement light is dot-matrix hologram effect. The text is 2D/3D hologram. Its material is silver color PET film.

This stikcer is 2D/3D hologram with dot-matrix hologram effect together. It's two layers, one color in foreground which is an image of moon in the middle of the sticker. Around the moon image is dot-matrix hologram pearlescent and zooming movemnet rays effect. The word "LESHI" is in the second layer with good depth.

It's dot-matrix and 2D/3D recombination hologram, one layers. The text and logo is 2D on surface. Very shining zoom in and zoom out circle is dot-matrix movement all around all sticker. This is quite simple but very beautiful design of dot-matrix effect.

This stikcer is dot-matrix hologram, two layers, one color in foreground, two color in background. The zoom in zoom out moving oval shape's ray gets smaller and bigger when you changing viewing angle.

This is photo of small dot-matrix master shim sample. When we make big hologram dot-matrix nickel master origination(mold), we have to engrave small dot-matrix master nickel shim sample to see dot-matrix result from design in computer first. If the small master is good, then we'll put this small unit into our recombination machine to recombine the small unti into repeated units in one big hologram master shim which is will be duplicated from electronic forming and to emboss hologram sticker on Aluminum metalized PET film in processes. This small shim has same effect as final made hologram sticker. It has two layer text with small circle in thrid color seperation. The right side circle and pearlescent ray effect is made of dot-matrix hologram effect.

Our company manufactures and exports dot-matrix hologram, which consists of many tiny dots that are as under 15 microns. This technology allows constant visual changes of color along each separate line. And have the big dot around company logo image that we called this new technology is " Pearl hologram tachniqe"

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